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Prove the Value, Impact and ROI of Programs, Projects & Improvement Initiatives

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It is evident that there is an increasing demand to show the financial impact of expenditures that invest in people, programs, projects and improvement initiatives. There has always been a concern over the value of programs, projects and all organizational improvement efforts and now the definition of value includes financial impact. They used to be categorized as a cost of doing business, now they are an investment and demand a ROI.

The ROI Methodology is the program evaluation solution. Implemented globally in over 22 applications in more than 60 countries.

The ROI Certification adds significant value to any organization as shifts in thinking bring more accountability to the organization as a whole.

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5-Day ROI Certification Workshop Helps Participants Measure Success In Organizations

The changing fiscal realities of many private and public sector organizations are creating a need for increased accountability. Understanding the impact and the Return on Investment (ROI) acquired from any workplace initiative is paramount in these challenging times. This spring, the University of New Brunswick, College of Extended Learning (UNB CEL) will partner with the…
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Suzanne just spoke at the Canadian Quality Congress…

I just spoke at the Canadian Quality Congress on the topic of Measuring Value, Impact and ROI in Healthcare. The workshop attracted up to 200 people, and 16 countries were represented. All of the attendees are people involved in Quality and the focus of the conference was Healthcare. The session attracted a significant number of…
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Prove the Value, Impact and ROI of Learning and Development programs….

“What impact and ROI do the learning, training and development programs deliver to our organization.” This is a question that is asked regularly by executives and sponsors of training and learning programs. In the training and development space we are challenged to link those investments to meaningful and real business outcomes. “We have 2,500 of…
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Join our 2-Day Live IN-PERSON Workshop

Measuring ROI and Impact in Healthcare” for Healthcare Professionals

May 16th & 17th, 2023.

Our Clients

Dr. Curt Smecher

The ROI Methodology provides a proven, accepted system we can work with. We don't have to invent it on each project, and it provides credibility with the Health Authority, both when they receive the business cases and when we work with them to build the Physician QI program itself.

Foster C. Williams

I recently attended the 5 day ROI Practitioners Certification Workshop (Calgary August 2015). I was drawn to the program due to the practical value of the potential learning.

I came away with much more than I anticipated. The Phillips Methodology is intuitive and easy to apply. By working through several case examples and math exercises, my partner and I were able to prepare an example executive presentation on a real case result. Our sense of the value to senior business executives, for the Phillips ROI Methodology, was enhanced by this exercise. In addition, I was able to use the methodologies "V Model" to prepare an ROI presentation to a client I will soon be meeting with. My goal is to share the vision and value of a product, from my clients perspective, to help them make an informed ROI purchasing decision. My workshop colleagues and our instructors, Dr Jack Phillips and Suzanne Schell, were able to lend their extensive experience to improve my presentation and refine it for delivery to my valued client.In summary, the workshop is great value for people who want to learn how to calculate the ROI for any initiative.

South Bruce Grey

Thank-You for facilitating a great program of study last month! That was the most important course I have taken in some time. I truly appreciated every aspect of the program and the teaching caliber was phenomenal.

I am currently working on my plan and hope to complete it successfully, and will be pushing for ROI in everything I do.


Today I finished my training on Jack Phillips ROI methodology and already looking forward to applying it in my workplace. It is a fantastic program that will help Blackbelts like myself to do a better job at calculating real savings from Lean projects.

The material provided contains a wealth of information and everything is done in a logical order and supported with real examples of the application of ROI in different industries. I would recommend it to any organization who wants to assess the value of its programs and projects.