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Suzanne Schell

Suzanne Schell, CRP, is the CEO of ROI Institute Canada. Suzanne teaches the ROI Methodology to many various audiences and is involved in program evaluation projects.  Her role includes developing data collection and analysis strategies to identify change in behavior and business impact. An accomplished ROI professional and speaker, Suzanne also makes topical presentations to forums and professional groups.

Suzanne’s professional background includes over 20 years of management in a Chartered Accounting firm, where she managed teams in finance, tax and accounting areas. She acquired her CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and participated in several forensic audits. Suzanne, developed a business development department within the Chartered Accountant firm to provide business clients with solutions. This included HR issues, customer service improvements, leadership development, business development and growth. Her operational, project, process management and business development expertise significantly improved business metrics with her clients.  Suzanne started Business Excellence, a company that she owns, to deliver her business development expertise including identification and execution of team building and leadership development activities to a wide variety of organizations, including Public and Private sector. Suzanne is the Canadian partner of the ROI Institute and operates ROI Institute Canada.

Suzanne is also a Certified ROI Professional and has a Business and Accounting degree from Algonquin College.

Suzanne Schell can be reached at 613-567-9402, or by email at