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Welcome to ROI Institute Canada - a leading resource in program evaluation, conducting program evaluation studies, research, training, workshops, consulting & resources surrounding the Phillips ROI Methodology™

Prove the Value, Impact and ROI of Programs, Projects & Improvement Initiatives

ROI Certification

In today’s organizations project sponsors and those who have responsibility for the success of projects are held more accountable than ever for the financial impact of their programs and projects. ROI Institute Canada is a leading provider in measurement, evaluation and ROI certification – enabling Canadian public and private organizations to prove the value, impact and ROI of programs, projects and improvement initiatives.

Who Would Benefit from ROI Certification
Anyone who needs the skills to measure the impact of all types of performance improvement programs. Individuals who need to demonstrate the ROI and business impact of initiatives such as executive education, human resources, learning and development, quality, marketing, meetings and events, green projects, and technology implementation will benefit.

Why ROI Certification
• Build capability to measure impact and ROI of projects and programs
• Provides a skill set to apply the ROI Methodology as a program or project improvement process
• Gain the ability to implement the Methodology in your organization
• You become an ROI expert
• You will strengthen your working relationships
• Applying this credible Methodology will result in obtaining and securing funding for programs and projects
• You acquire a higher level of respect from executives

Become a Certified ROI Professional
Fully master all the skills you need to implement a comprehensive ROI initiative in your organization in our five-day Certification workshops. You’ll gain the skills to become certified in the ROI Methodology™, and you’ll learn how to sustain the measurement and evaluation process on a continued basis. You’ll also receive support once you complete a workshop to conduct an impact study in your own organization. Once you’ve demonstrated competency in applying the ROI Methodology, you will earn the prestigious Certified ROI Professional designation. No other workshop gives you access to the same level of expertise as ROI Certification.

Open ROI Certification Workshops
Please check out our Events page for upcoming ROI Certifications.

ROI Certification Overview – Making Analytics Work
Download the brochure.

Host a ROI Certification Workshop
You may wish to host an ROI Certification Workshop. Your organization provides the training/classroom with a catered light breakfast and lunch (4 days) for up to 20 participants.
In return you receive 1 spot at no fee for a participant (a $3,995 value) from your organization, and all others at a discounted fee of $3,000 per participant. We promote the workshop with your organization as the host.

If you with to host an ROI Certification Workshop, please contact Suzanne Schell (613) 567.9402 or email

Internal ROI Certification
We customize a ROI Certification Workshop for your organization. Click here to learn more about Internal ROI Certification.

For more information and to discuss your needs, please contact Suzanne Schell (613) 567.9402 or email