Evaluation Planning & The “V” Model

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Step 1 – Business Alignment & Project Objectives

Project objectives are developed based on needs. The needs assessment begins with a review of the opportunity to be realized if the proposed project is implemented.

  • Is there an opportunity for a positive payoff?
  • Is this a problem worth solving or an opportunity worth exploring?

Next, the business needs are identified.

  • What specific business measures will be influenced with this project? The business needs are met by changing individual performance.
  • What should the participants do or stop doing to change the business measure? Performance needs are met by implementing new knowledge/skills presented to the participants.
  • What specific knowledge, skills, or information do participants need for the new performance?

Finally, preference needs focus on how the stakeholders, including the participants, should perceive the project in terms of value and need.

The project is developed to achieve the objectives at each level. The project can be evaluated at each level, based on the objectives. The V Model illustrates this process as it presents the relationship between needs assessment, objectives, and evaluation.

Developing the Alignment of your program, project or initiative to the business is critical for a success…
Evaluation begins with the objectives of the program, project or solution. The objectives must go beyond typical learning objectives and include up to five levels of data.

Step 2 Plan for Evaluation

Planning begins as soon as it is decided that an impact/ROI study should be conducted and typically involves key stakeholders. All important decisions for the study are made early through evaluation planning. This step involves completing three documents: data collection plan, ROI analysis plan, and evaluation project plan.

Data Collection Plan

ROI Analysis Plan

Evaluation Project Plan