Prove the value, impact and ROI of your healthcare initiatives.

March 9th and 10th, 2023

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Join our 2-Day Live IN PERSON Workshop
“Measuring ROI and Impact in Healthcare” for healthcare professionals and vendors that need to demonstrate the value, impact and ROI of investments and improvement initiatives.

How much would it impact the success of your proposals, if you would learn how to implement a proven strategy to position programs and initiatives as investments versus being perceived as a cost?

Cost versus investment

As the fight for funding continues, healthcare professionals need to build capability to credibly show the impact and ROI.

Healthcare is a business and must operate as a business.

As provinces, hospitals, and healthcare organizations receive funding, there must be a process to prove the; value, impact, and ROI of the funds. ROI-thinking in healthcare is critical to sustainability. Funding needs to generate value and impact. That impact must be quantitative as well as qualitative.

Improvement initiatives and programs are investments into the system. These cost money.

These initiatives are implemented to make positive changes. There needs to be buy-in from all involved. There is a learning component and application of the learning. All of that results in delivering impact. Impact that makes a difference.

The final level is the ROI – comparing the financial benefits to the cost – answering was it worth it?

Spreadsheet bank accounts accounting with calculator and magnifying glass. Concept for financial fraud investigation, audit and analysis.

Join this workshop to be able to answer the questions, did the investment make a difference? Was it worth it”?

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You will learn how to:

  • Make the best use of scarce resources
  • Evaluate programs to provide the answer to “was it worth it”? Did it make a difference?
  • Calculate ROI on programs
  • Use the evaluation results to make important decisions
  • Implement the ROI Methodology into your programs and initiative

Cost versus investment

How much would it impact the success of your proposals if you would learn how to implement a proven strategy to position programs and initiatives as investments versus being perceived as a cost?

Do you know if your programs deliver value?

Would you benefit from knowing the ROI of your programs and initiatives?

Do you want to show the value of what you do?

Would learning a process to prove the value, impact and ROI of programs and initiatives give you an advantage in your submissions?

Can you clearly show data that an initiative will save money AND improve patient care?

Learn all this and more in our 2 Day Workshop “Measuring ROI and Impact in Healthcare”

Who is this program for?

This program is specifically designed for the healthcare industry, and will benefit:

  • Healthcare professionals looking to acquire funding
  • Healthcare professionals looking to prove capability to credibility, prove impact and ROI
  • Healthcare professionals needing funding to improve patient care
  • Healthcare professionals looking to improve the impact of programs
  • Vendors to the healthcare industry looking to differentiate themselves from other vendors by learning how to quantify value and impact
  • HR professionals that want to show the value and ROI of HR programs
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At the Measuring ROI and Impact in Healthcare workshop, you will learn how to:

Healthcare And Medicine,Analyzing
  1. Clearly show data that an initiative will save money and improve patient care by using our proven method.
  2. Improve and possibly expedite a positive outcome.
  3. Position your programs and improvement initiatives as an investment vs. a cost using our ROI Methodology to quantify your value and prove impact to decision makers
  4. Differentiate yourself from other submissions

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Our Client's Success Is Why We Do What We Do

“Over the past 12 years, I have worked closely with Suzanne and ROI Institute Canada to provide ROI training to Medical Affairs staff and physicians.  Through ROI Institution Canada, we have provided training to over 140 people in BC Health Authorities.  Suzanne has always been willing to work with us to target the training for our situation and environment.  With Suzanne’s reliability, expert ROI knowledge and willingness to understand our needs, the training has been effective and has become a pillar in how we do business.”

- Kelly Murphy, Executive Consultant, Vancouver Island Health

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Suzanne Schell, CRP

Suzanne is the CEO of ROI Institute Canada. Suzanne teaches the ROI Methodology to healthcare audiences across Canada and is involved in numerous healthcare program evaluation projects, including many HR initiatives. Her role includes developing data collection and analysis strategies to identifying change in behaviour, barriers to implementation and impact. Suzanne as the Canadian partner of the ROI Institute, operating as ROI Institute Canada, has brought the ROI Methodology to many healthcare organizations, authorities and ministries through ROI Certification, one and two-day workshops, webinars and consulting.