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Prove the Value, Impact and ROI of Programs, Projects & Improvement Initiatives

ROI Methodology model[1]

The Phillips ROI Methodology is a step-by-step credible process that meets the need to show the value used by organizations all over the world. The methodology is a simple to use and proven process that will generate a balanced set of data that is believable, realistic and accurate – particularly from the perspective of sponsors and key stakeholders. To allocate funds to programs, projects and improvement initiatives that deliver the highest value you must have a method that credibly proves or “shows” the value.

The ROI Methodology is a balanced approach to measurement that captures six types of data:

  1. Reaction and Planned Action - Level 1
  2. Learning - Level 2
  3. Application and Implementation - Level 3
  4. Business Impact - Level 4
  5. Return on Investment - Level 5
  6. Intangibles

The process always includes a technique to isolate the effects of the project, program, solution, meeting, event, system, procedure, or initiative.