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Even the best-designed process, model, or technique is virtually worthless unless it is effectively integrated within the organization.

Implementing a comprehensive measurement and evaluation process requires several actions:

• Set specific goals and targets for implementation

• Determine specific roles and responsibilities for measurement and evaluation

• Revise procedures and guidelines for different parts of the evaluation process

• Conduct meetings and formal sessions to develop awareness and capability

• Establish an internal ROI network for sharing information (if feasible)

• Conduct ROI studies routinely

• Provide technical support for instrument design, data analysis, and evaluation strategy

• Establish specific techniques to place more attention on results

• Use existing tools and templates to make the process easier and more efficient

• Use technology to reduce costs of data collection and analysis

• Assess the status of the results-based approach

• Report progress and adjust tactics

• Improve management commitment and support for the ROI Methodology

• Consider measuring the ROI on the ROI implementation