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Prove the Value, Impact and ROI of Programs, Projects & Improvement Initiatives

Check the most appropriate level of agreement for each the 15statements:

1 = Strongly Disagree; 5 = Strongly Agree

My organization is considered a large organization with a wide variety of programs.

My department has a new leader.

We have a large budget that attracts the interest of senior management.

Our organization has a culture of measurement and is focused on establishing a variety of measures in all functions and departments.

My organization is undergoing significant change.

There is pressure from senior management to measure results of our

My function currently has a very low investment in measurement and evaluation.

My organization has experienced more than one program disaster in the past.

My team would like to be the leaders in our field.

The image of our department is less than satisfactory.

My clients are demanding that our processes show bottom-line results.

My function competes with other functions with our organization for resources.

There is increased focus on linking our process to the strategic direction of the organization.

My function is a key player in change initiatives currently taking place in the organization.

Our overall budget is growing and we are required to prove the bottom line of value of our processes.

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If your organization scored:

15 – 30 You are not yet a candidate for ROI.
31 – 45  You are not a strong candidate for ROI, however, it is time to start pursuing some type of measurement process.
46 – 60  You are a candidate for building skills to implement the ROI process.  At this point there is no real pressure to show the ROI, which is the perfect opportunity to perfect the process within the organization.
61 – 75  You should already be implementing a comprehensive measurement and evaluation process, including ROI.