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ROI Reality # 1

While there are many applications and implementations of ROI, several issues inhibit the widespread use of the ROI Methodology. Although there are some realistic barriers, most of these are myths based on misunderstandings of the process and what it achieve.


ROI Reality # 2

The use of ROI is client driven, based on a quest to understand more about the ROI Methodology and its potential payoff.


ROI Reality # 3

The ROI Methodology is being implemented globally in all types of organizations for all types of programs. Many professionals are using the ROI Methodology to radically change the way they design, develop, and deliver programs and solutions.


ROI Reality # 4

Sooner or later, every function will face increasing accountability and will have to address ROI. For some, the time is now. For others it may be long term, but it will eventually surface.


ROI Reality # 5

A new breed of performance improvement executive is achieving success with ROI. These executives are using the ROI Methodology to show value as they operate with a business mindset.


ROI Reality # 6

Waiting for a request from clients and executives results in a disaster. The request comes from with a short timeline, on the executive timeline and puts you in a defensive posture.


ROI Reality # 7

Responsibility for evaluation having a large central analytics area means everyone has a role in making it work.